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The MacDougall Family

Oh this family makes me smile!   They are most definitely one of my favorite Fort McMurray families and I love their joy for life and family. When I heard about their story – of how they have gone through the process of adopting these two children – the world “Celebrate” kept coming to mind…and continues to when…

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Best Friends

I would like to introduce you to Amber, Maria, Jordan and Stephanie.  These four are best friends and inseparable!  They love spending time together and seem to have almost a sister-like relationship. What an incredible idea they had when deciding to capture their friendship at this stage in their lives!  I wish that more people would take time…

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Engagement : Ruth & Derek

How wonderful it is to watch two people fall in love!  It is even more special when you know one of them and can watch as just the right person enters their life at just the right time and their life love begins to grow.  This has been the case with Ruth & Derek and I have loved watching them…

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