Baby Logan

I met the Playford family back in the fall when I did their family pictures and loved working with them.  They are one of the nicest families that I have met…not to mention have super cute kids – so I was excited for the arrival of their newest addition!  We have been planning and talking about this baby session for the past several months and I was excited to try out some new ideas that I had.  There were also a couple of cute hats that I bought and was anxious to “play” with…oh they are so cute!

With months of anticipation, planning, waiting and shopping – you would almost think that I was the one having the baby!  Goodness!

Logan was amazing during the session…not to mention the rest of the family!   With the family being Leaf fans – you know we had to do something special to bring it into this session too!

They say that babies are a gift from God – and looking at this precious little one you don’t have to wonder why.



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