Crafting with a Cause : Birdsnest Necklaces

This blog is a result of a couple of nights of crafting and it just makes me smile to see how things that are so small can be used for something so great. 

A few weeks ago I posted a picture on my facebook page of the various “nests” that I had made…just as a “hey, this is fun” shot, nothing more. 

 There was an overwhelming response to them along with a great interest for people wanting to purchase them.  I was definitely caught off guard and thought that the only way that I would sell them would be if the money went somewhere of value.  I have heard people, at times, associate the “eggs” with the number of children that they have and so the thought of helping kids was perfect!

One of my close friends, Erin Perry, works closely with fmn ministries and spends a month of her summer holidays in Romania working at the Isaiah Center.  Rachel Ross is an amazing woman who has moved from the United States to Romania and they both have such a passion for these children and this ministry.

The Isaiah Center is located in Tinca, Romania and exists to provide nuturing and education for abandoned, abused, and neglected Roma (gypsy) children.  Through this facility these kids have the opportunity to develop and grow in a loving and secure atmosphere. They are provided daily with education, food, clothing, shelter, love, hygiene and medical treatment.  Furthermore, the families of these children are being worked with and helped as they are provided with parental training and life skills which impact the parents, children and their village in a positive way.  Here are just a few pictures (not taken by me, just watermarked for their safety) of the village and the children….

Please visit the website for more information or further ways to get involved.

As for the necklace pendants, they are all handmade and can be done with specific colors if you desire.  There are large, medium and small beads available.  A picture of the different options is below for your reference.  They are $15 and ALL of this amount is going straight to the Isaiah Center.  Please email orders to

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