Engagement : Ruth & Derek

How wonderful it is to watch two people fall in love! 

It is even more special when you know one of them and can watch as just the right person enters their life at just the right time and their life love begins to grow. 

This has been the case with Ruth & Derek and I have loved watching them fall in love and grow in excitement for things to come and their future together.  These two just seem to be absolutely perfect for one another.  It was an honor to meet Derek for the first time as we got together for their engagement session in Edmonton. 

How fun it was to watch these two together!  The love that they have for one another is so obvious and evident in all that they do.  May that love continue to grow and flourish in the days, months and years ahead! 

Derek, you have one amazing women (as you are well aware) and she is a blessing and joy to so many.  Thank you for adding an extra sparkle to her beautiful blue eyes  : )

73 more sleeps until the big day!  Can’t wait!


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