Pregnancy Progression : Jennifer

I know that I have been terribly behind with my blogging and so it is time to start catching up! 

One of the fun projects that I was working on in 2010 was a pregnancy progression shoot with Jennifer.  This was shot from 12 weeks until baby arrived!

When we first talked about the idea I thought that it would just be neat to document how a woman’s body changes during pregnancy.   For me, this shoot turned out to be a lot more.  I had the opportunity of getting together with Jennifer every few weeks during her pregnancy, which I looked forward to.  It was interesting to talk about how she was feeling  or what was taking place during the various stages.  I also loved seeing her “glow” get brighter and her beauty magnified as this miracle was taking place. 

As I was putting the finished piece together this week I thought back to this adventure and journey.  To me, this image is captivating and absolutely beautiful.  It speaks of motherhood and the joy and beauty that is. I absolutely love it and hope that it inspires you to take time to see the beauty that is around you. 

Jenn, thank you for being willing to do this and for sharing along the way.  You are inspiring and beautiful.


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