The Investment

Perhaps you have a cherished family heirloom or a piece of art that continually draws your interest and attention. Photographs, like precious keepsakes, are also treasured mementos. When a home is destroyed – it is the pictures that are rescued. When a loved one passes away – it is the pictures of days gone by which we cling to. As you celebrate the birth of a child, it is the photographs that capture the innocence and beauty of new life. Capturing a point in your family’s life, a major milestone or a prized possession in a print or canvas will enable you to always remember it.

What is your passion in life? Perhaps it is your relationship, family or newborn baby, your home, boat or favorite summer getaway. Or it may be your physique, tattoo, music group or band, or a car or bike that you are proud of. Whatever it is – why not allow Uncontained Photography to create a lasting memory?

Prices reflect the variety of subject matter and time that is involved. The session fee is payable at the time of your session and does not include prints.

General Photoshoot
(Include families, couples, pregnancy, individual or vehicle portraits)

  • $350 session fee (includes GST)

Approximately 1 – 1.5 hours in length

Rock the Dress or Trash The Dress Photoshoot

  • $500 session fee (includes GST)

Approximately 3 hours in length

Please note: You do not actually have to trash your dress if you do not want to! It is completely up to you. There are a variety of ideas and concepts that can be done that are artistic, creative – and are intended to keep your dress as clean as possible. This is simply a fashion style shoot which can be done with a wedding dress or formal gown and is a terrific addition or alternative to wedding portraits.

Please contact us for complete details and availability. Due to the variety of needs, prices will vary accordingly.