The Reviews

You made the day so special for us, and you were just so sweet and so friendly to everyone involved. I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate you!

I think the personality of the photographer totally affects how the pictures turn out…if you’re relaxed and comfortable and having fun, it shows.

~Sarah & Curtis

Shooting with Christine had to have been the most enjoyable time I’ve ever had in-front of a camera. Her creativity, insight and genuine interest in my opinions were something that I haven’t come across with other professional photographers.

Her love for the art of photography is obvious in her work.

~ Patricia Isaac


Thanks for everything Christine! You were so great and definitely went above and beyond the photography duties. Such a big help in keeping things on time and going for the day! 

We couldn’t be happier and had so much fun doing the pics with you!  Thanks again!

~Carli & Colin

My experience with Uncontained Photography was terrific!

My husband and I had pregnancy photos taken for us and they came out beautiful. At a time when I felt like I was less than myself and as big as a house, Christine’s photography help me to see how beautiful pregnancy is. We have one of her photos up on our wall and we have had so many comments about it. People have said that it is stunning and not like other pregnancy pictures they have seen.

I also appreciated that Christine listened to us and worked in all of the different ideas we had for our session. She made us feel very comfortable in front of the lens.

~ Lisa & Jesse

Hey Christine! I just wanted you to know that we got our pictures in the mail yesterday! I didn’t expect them for a few more days, so I was so surprised to see them. They look awesome! You guys did an amazing, most fabulous job and I am so thankful! I’ve already looked through the album 10 times…I don’t think I’m exaggerating either!

I just love how you captured everything…there are even the small moments, like that one when my dad gave me a hug after the ceremony that was captured. It’s all perfect!

You did a wonderful job…thank you again and again!

~ Lidy & Joel

Christine was so accommodating to my ideas and suggestions and I truly felt like I was a part of the vision because she so willingly welcomed my two cents in the situation. On the day of the shoot, she made me feel completely at ease and comfortable and gave me direction to not only make the photos look the best that they could, but to make me feel as best about myself as she could. I had an absolute blast!

The pictures turned out to be fabulous and I get asked about them all the time. Christine is such a talent in the industry, and her personable nature and friendly attitude make her one of the best to work with at that! Thanks Christine!

~ Kaylee

Christine has such a natural ease and grace that long, tedious photo shoots (we had three!) became fun and relaxing. It doesn’t matter if you’re photogenic or camera shy, she knows how to pull the best out of a group and make them into ideal subjects.

Besides all that, she takes beautiful pictures that capture just the right moment!

~ Tracy


Thank you so much for being so awesome – and so efficient! With such a short amount of time – you made it seem like we had forever – and we even ran earlier for time than we thought we would!

Thank you so much – you are such a phenomenal person with incredible talent!!

~Sophia & Calvin

Christine was a pleasure to work with. She made the photography experience fun and relaxed. She really listened to what we wanted and then translated our requests into some beautiful photographs.

I think Christine’s use of nature in her photography is exceptional.

~ Kara

Christine is so much fun to work with! Her sense of humor and awesome people skills make sitting in-front of the camera a delight.

I recommend her for anyone wanting either formal portraits or more of a casual shoot…she does it all with excellence!

~ Heather

I had such a blast working with Christine!

Her creativeness is unique and she’ll find the oddest locations but the pictures always turn out so amazing, full of color and contrast that just make them ‘pop’. Along with her creativity she is a joy to work with, making the shoot not only fun but very relaxing.

She’s excellent at conveying what she’s looking for without ever getting frustrated and is always willing to hear your ideas and implement them.

~ Lisa

Christine was great to work with!! She has a real gift in dealing with people.

Her warm personality made us all feel relaxed, which ultimately results in great photos!

~ Cindy